Thursday, March 3, 2011

How to choose the right Club Management Software

Gym Management Software is fast being touted as the only way to effectively run and manage a health club chain. Major fitness studios and health centers are already developing their own version of fitness club software or plan to invest in it. Smaller health club chains are not too far behind either.

A study reveals that almost 67% of health clubs who are not using software now, plan to invest in it in the coming year. So, at a time when the fitness industry is waking up to the concept of club management software, it is extremely necessary to be armed with enough information about the various options at hand in the market now.
What should one opt for? On site software models or Hosted Fitness Software models?

On site software vs. Hosted Gym Management Software

This war has been raging on for a long time in the corporate sector and now, it has entered the fitness industry too. Should you opt for onsite software installation as opposed to software that is deployed over the internet?

There is a widespread misconception that onsite software is more stable, secure and economical as opposed to web based software. But is it really? No. In fact, on site health club software comes with its own share of expenses. You have to invest in hardware and have to settle for a software model that was created according to the demands of the generic market. You might also have to hire an expert from the company to train your staff to use the software. Lastly, what if you are out travelling and you wish to check some urgent administrative detail? There is no way to do it.
Manage from anywhere - But with hosted software, you can access and manage your health club chain from any corner of the world as long as you have a computer and an internet connection. Now that is two basic needs which will be available in even the remotest corner of the globe.

Newer features and updates – Unlike on site software models which are updated once in a couple of years, hosted fitness software is updated regularly and newer features are added every couple of months.

 So, your software stays updated according to the new changes in this dynamic market.
 Secure and Safe – On site software are run on personal computers which are easy to hack into. So, if you feel that it is more stable and secure, then think again. Hosted software on the other hand are hosted on high end professional servers that are protected by state of the art security applications and technologies. Your data is much more secure in hosted software as opposed to on site models.

No Hidden costs –There are no hidden costs in hosted Gym Management Software. There is a small monthly charge which is all that it costs you to run your health club chain efficiently.


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